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Upcoming Weekends

English Men's Weekend
June 4 – 7, 2015 – Sacred Heart Parish, Miami, OK

English Women's Weekend
June 11 – 14, 2015 – Sacred Heart Parish, Miami, OK



Third Monday 7:00 pm
St. Benedict's St. Scholastica Center

Fourth Sunday 3:00 pm
Bilingual, hosted by
Sts. Peter and Paul (Tulsa)

Third Sunday 4:00 pm
 on odd numbered
months hosted by
Sts Peter & Paul (Cushing)

Leader's School

Fourth Thursday
7:00 pm
St. Benedict's


Date TBA
Church of the Resurrection

First Friday
All Night Adoration
Sts. Peter and Paul (Tulsa)
from 10:00 PM Friday <

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8:30 AM Mass Saturday




Roman Catholic Diocese of Tulsa                                                                Winter 2000

A note from our Spiritual Director

Cursillo #28 Weekends

Farewell and Our Thanks to Dan O'Brien

Welcome Cursillistas of Cursillo 27!


Time Flies When You're Doing God's Work

New Co-Lay Director of Tulsa Diocese Cursillo Movement

Upcoming Diocesan Study Offerings

Leaders’ School

When you want to invite a friend to Cursillo, please review the Responsibilities of Sponsorship

How to Get Your Candidate into Grouping


A note from our Spiritual Director:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Cursillo,

Happy Thanksgiving, Holy Advent, and Merry Christmas! This is a happy time of year as we count our blessings and remember the greatest blessing of all — the Father’s only-begotten Son Who came to be our Savior. It is a family time of year, as families gather from far and near to celebrate the holi(holy)days, often around dinner tables. I am reminded that we are all a family, too, because of Jesus. As we draw close to the end of the Jubilee Year 2000, we prepare to celebrate once again His human birth in Bethlehem. I read something not too long ago that I want to pass along to you. It addresses “the discrepancy between authentic Christian living and the contemporary situation in which the moral behavior and attitudes of baptized Catholics seem almost indistinguishable from that of the overall population.” The thought is this: Besides the birth of Christ 2000 years ago, there is what can be called His “mystical nativity.” This mystical nativity occurs “ ‘as often as anyone is becoming a Christian,’ and no one is ever finished becoming a Christian.” May Christ continue being born in us, so that the whole world can rejoice to see its Savior, and give Him thanks!
Yours in Christ our Lord,
                                               Fr. Gaalaas

Please Offer Your Prayers & Palanca for 
Cursillo #28 


Men's:     Danny Brennan
               April 19-22, 2001
               St. John’s Church

Ladies’:    Marian O’Rourke
                April 26-29, 2001
                St. John’s Church

NOTE: Closuras are at 3:30 p.m. Sunday but will not include Mass. Please attend Mass before coming.

Team Volunteers: Please contact
Danny Brennan at 918-491-9668, email: Brennand@Kochind.com
Marian O’Rourke at 918-682-9779 email: morourke@hotmail.com

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Farewell and Our Thanks to Dan O'Brien

from Diane Davis
          Co-Lay Director for the Cursillo Movement

It's hard to believe that 3 years have gone by since Dan and I agreed to Co-lead the Cursillo Movement for the Tulsa Diocese. Dan served our community well in a selfless, Christ-centered spirit of generosity and love. He has a strong commitment to bring the spirit of Christ to all he encountered, through his leadership in the Secretariat, School of Leaders, Group Reunions and Ultreya. Our movement was in a bit of a slump when Dan came onboard and through his enthusiasm and prayerful support and encouragement, (not to mention his positive and energetic attitude), he helped put new life and renewed spirit into our movement. I'm sad to see him step down but happy to know he will still be very involved and remain active in the movement.Thank you, Dan, for your gift of service, love and support to me and to all of our fellow cursillistas! God bless you, Julianne and your family!I would also like to welcome Steve Krause, as our new Co-Lay Director, taking over for Dan, after the first of the year. Steve brings a fresh new spirit of enthusiasm and grace as he takes on as his mission, the post-Cursillo segment for our movement. I look forward to serving as Co-Lay Director, with Steve during this next year, and thank him for answering the call to serve in this capacity. Thank you, Steve!
It is prayer, sacrifice/palanca, group reunion and Ultreya that sustains and supports all of us in fulfilling the true mission of serving Christ and His Church through the Cursillo movement. I ask for your continued prayers for Steve, myself, Fr. Gaalaas and all of us in the Cursillo movement so that we may better serve Him, in all that we do, for His greater glory.
May the spirit of Christ bless you and your families during this Holy Season and fill your hearts with Peace and Love, as you experience the true meaning of this Christmas season, the birth of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Your Sister in Christ,

Diane Davis
Cursillo #34, Harrah, OK.
March 1990

Welcome Cursillistas of Cursillo 27!
Dayna Cotter
Lisa Daubney
Melody Eycleshymer
Ruth Kanick
Kim Meyers
Robyn Clifton
Linda Forth
Mary Kaye Lebeau
Linda Martinez
Christina Rivas
Melody Boeckman
Pam Clifton
Karen Coppick
Mary Jane Dorworth
Ramona Thornton
Rene Borchers
Lucile Thierry
Mareta Ryan
Susan Berbee
Michelle Craig
Susan Anderson
Judy Galvin
Karen Kruger
Dawn Messmer
Christy Poole
Craig Beers
Steve Gallagher
Brad Hart
Robert Ryan
Daved Adcock
Lenny Berbee
Bill Fetzer
Victor Poole
Bo Borchers
C. W. "Mickey" Bradley
Ed Lebeau
Rob Messmer
David Anderson
Butch Borchers
Paul Boeckman
Marion Fugger
Bill Chambers
Tim King
Gary Kruse
Randy Robbins


Tulsa -- 1st Friday, 7 PM, Christ the King
              contact Pat Duffy 491-6790

Broken Arrow -- 
               3rd Friday, 
               7 PM, St. Benedict’s
               contact Lisa & Rob Owens

Traveling Ultreya - 2nd Sunday, 2 PM, location rotates among the Tulsa Diocese’s parishes of the Southeastern Region: Muskogee, McAlester, Poteau, Sallisaw, Durant, etc. Next Ultreya is Jan. 14th, McAlester, St John’s Parish Hall. Contact: Tracy Matthews at 918-423-2973 or Marian O'Rourke at 918-682-9779.

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Time Flies When You're Doing God's Work

                                              By Dan O’Brien

Three years ago Diane Davis and I committed to sharing the lay directorship for the Diocese of Tulsa Cursillo Movement. During those three years I have come to understand, and most importantly appreciate, the importance of a strong community of believers working together for a common goal, that of bringing others and ourselves closer to God. I have come to this understanding not by what I have done for Cursillo, but by what I have seen and heard all of you Cursillistas doing for each other and those that you meet daily. This understanding has affirmed my belief that the Cursillo Movement is, as Pope John Paul II recently stated, "capable of making one rediscover the beauty of encountering Christ and of being Church".

Effective January 1, 2001 Steve Krause will be taking over my position as co-lay director of the Diocese of Tulsa Cursillo Movement. As Steve and Diane continue the evangelizing growth of the Cursillo Movement here in the Diocese of Tulsa they will be asking for leaders to help them in their efforts. I have committed myself to helping in that effort and I ask each of you to recommit yourselves in the following ways:

-Attending a Weekly Group Reunion
-Joining in, and being an active member of the
     Ultreya in your area.
-Participating in the school of leaders.
-Daily formation through prayer and sacrifice.
-Continued faith study through reading only the
-A willingness to share your faith and experiences
       with others.
-Responsible sponsorship of Cursillo candidates.

May God extend his blessings to you and your families as he has to mine.


Your Servant In Christ!
Dan O'Brien
Co-Lay Director


New Co-Lay Director of Tulsa Diocese Cursillo Movement

                                                   By Steve Krause

We are all called to be Leaders. Fact is, the objective of the Cursillo method is to Find, Form, Sustain and Link Lay Leadership for Christ and His Church. This summer Dan O'Brien ask me to consider taking over his position as Co-Lay Director of the Tulsa Diocese Cursillo Movement along with Diane Davis. I told him I would pray about it. Shortly after I spoke with Dan I received a call from Chris Juen, fall Cursillo 27 Men's coordinator and he asked me to be on the Team and to prepare a primary rollo on Leaders. Over the next few months I prayed and prepared my rollo and by the Grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit delivered the talk to the Cursillo 27 candidates. You know where I am going with this... God was preparing me and talking to me loud and clear to answer His call to become a Christian Leader to raise up His Kingdom on Earth. This process began in October of 1994 during my Cursillo 17. I've served on many Cursillo teams over the last six years, joined the Secretariat three years ago, I've been attending Leaders School for the last two years and was the lay coordinator on Cursillo 25 last fall. I've received many blessings through my involvement in the Cursillo Movement and pray that I may continue to answer His call.

I have some big shoes to fill taking over for Dan O'Brien. We have been blessed during Dan's three years as serving as co-lay director of our Cursillo Movement in the Tulsa Diocese. Our Movement has grown significantly and gained tremendous momentum. I want to thank Dan O'Brien for his leadership, commitment and support. Good News...he will continue to lead our Prayer Requests.

I know many of you, and look forward to getting to know more. My emphasis will be on post-Cursillo and living our Fourth Day through the Cursillo methods of perseverance with small group reunions and Ultreyas. Please join me in serving our Lord and His Church through the Cursillo. I ask for your prayers and palanca for the Cursillo Movement in the Tulsa Diocese and worldwide. DeColores!

Your Brother in Christ,
Steve Krause
Cursillo #17, October 1994
St. John's McAlester, OK

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Upcoming Diocesan Study Offerings:

Catholic Faith As An Adventure for Men
A study and discussion of the challenges confronting Catholic men today.
Instructor: Tim Sullivan at Church of the Madalene from 7-8:30 p.m., 
Wednesdays, Jan 3, 17, 31; Feb 7, 21; Mar 7
Registration: 294-1904 ext 141

Marriage & Family Life Lecture Series
"The Do's & Don'ts of Couples' Communication"
Christopher Ruff, S.T.L., will focus on the obstacles to effective communication between spouses and point the way to loving, effective dialogue.
Holy Family Cathedral, Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2001.
Registration: 294-1904 ext 141

Leaders’ School

The Cursillo Movement in our diocese cannot grow to its potential without a corps of people who have made Cursillo their ministry. The School of Leaders (Servants) will meet:
1st THURSDAYS 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
St. Benedict’s Church
Contact Dan O’Brien 455-4529 or Diane Davis 298-8759
Format will consist of Prayer, Spiritual Formation, Leaders’ grouping, and Cursillo formation. Please come. 

Secretariat Meeting

Sun., Jan. 14th, 2:00 p.m. Benedict’s St. Scholastica Bldg.


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When you want to invite a friend to Cursillo, please review the Responsibilities of Sponsorship
( reprinted from the TRIPOD, Archdiocese of Seattle )

Before the Cursillo Retreat:
1. Candidates shall be adult Roman Catholics in good standing (able to receive sacraments).
2. “Talk to God about your candidate before you talk to your candidate about God.”
3. A sponsor should be actively participating in Group Reunion, and know that the mission of Cursillo is evangelization.
4. A sponsor needs to have known his/her candidate on a personal one-to-one basis for some time.
5. Because this is not a secret society or initiation weekend, please inform the candidate about the weekend: explain the silent retreat, the talks, the table discussions and posters. (Just try to keep the Palanca and closure a surprise!)
6. Tell the candidate about the evangelistic purpose of the movement, and the follow-up commitments of Group Reunion and Ultreya.
7. Both husband and wife should be informed about Cursillo. It is not recommended that only one marriage partner become involved in Cursillo. If possible, submit applications together for both husband and wife.
8. Advise the candidate that a donation is recommended but not required.
9. The sponsor should have a potential group reunion for the candidate. The sponsor may invite the candidate to Group Reunion and Ultreya before the weekend.
10. Have the candidate fill out his/her section of the application. Complete the sponsor’s section. Submit the application to the candidate’s pastor to complete. The sponsor should mail in the application.
11. Be in regular contact with the candidate prior to the week-end. Confirm his/her attendance after the sponsor-letter is received. Notify the pre-Cursillo section as early as possible should the candidate decide not to attend.

During the Cursillo Week-end:
1. Provide Palanca (prayer and sacrifice, spiritual bouquets from the sponsor and family.)
2. Provide transportation to and from the Cursillo site and attend closura.
3. Assist your candidate’s family during the week-end and help in whatever manner they require.

After the Cursillo:
1. Find the new Cursillista a Group Reunion. (Ultreyas are a good place to find a Group Reunion.)
2. Bring the new Cursillista to Ultreyas following the week-end. See Schedule.
3. Continue to maintain close contact after the week-end (be a friend). Encourage the new Cursillista to persevere in the Fourth Day.

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How to Get Your Candidate into Grouping

from Ultreya Magazine

Sponsors realize that their toughest job begins with their new cursillistas’ Fourth Day. Every sponsor must face the challenge of encouraging the new cursillista to find a group reunion and to go regularly.

Easy? It doesn’t seem so at first, but it can be. Try this method, which is approved by the Cursillo Movement itself. For this approach to work, the sponsor must begin before the weekend. As a sponsor, you are already doing the initial steps of this method when, with much prayer and discernment, you get your candidate to agree to make a Cursillo, fill out the necessary paperwork, and settle down to wait for a weekend which can accommodate your candidate.

As the weekend nears, casually invite your candidate to “Come with me to visit my prayer group sometime.” Offer to pick him or her up, introduce your candidate to everyone, and make the new person feel welcome. With the initial invitation, you might want to mention that this group differs from prayer groups which pray formal prayers the whole time. This is a group where each person tries to live Christ’s law of love for God, neighbor and self. On a daily basis, each person tries to change those things in his or her life which interfere with living Christ’s commandment of love. Lastly, each person does whatever he or she can to share Christ’s love with others. That’s what makes your prayer group unique, and your candidate should know that. It might make your candidate more willing to venture out with you to group reunion.

Hopefully, your candidate will see how the members of your group nurture each other on a spiritual level. No mention need be made about the new person joining the group after the weekend. Then, when Sunday’s talk about group reunion and its importance to each cursillista's Fourth Day is given, your candidate will say, “So that’s what I saw with my sponsor! I can join a group or start one with some of my new friends from this weekend.”

At the closure, the sponsor can discuss group reunion and reassure the new cursillista that they are there to help him or her find a group where they are comfortable. At first this approach may seem “backwards” to all our previous experiences. It does not lessen any o f the impact of the weekend experiences because no connection or link is given to the future cursillistas about Cursillo and the weekend. Does this work? It certainly does. I can attest to it. My group reunion members and I have used this approach with three candidates, all of whom are still grouping after several years. I urge all sponsors to consider this approach, and see how the Lord works to reassure new cursillistas that group reunion is easy, non-threatening, and important in one’s spiritual life.

When you determine to sponsor a candidate, please invite them to Ultreya and to your small group (or help them find or establish another group). You are inviting them to a long- term involvement in a community which has Christ as its head and which is intended to endure well beyond the three day weekend.

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