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Upcoming Weekends

English Men's Weekend
June 4 – 7, 2015 – Sacred Heart Parish, Miami, OK

English Women's Weekend
June 11 – 14, 2015 – Sacred Heart Parish, Miami, OK



Third Monday 7:00 pm
St. Benedict's St. Scholastica Center

Fourth Sunday 3:00 pm
Bilingual, hosted by
Sts. Peter and Paul (Tulsa)

Third Sunday 4:00 pm
 on odd numbered
months hosted by
Sts Peter & Paul (Cushing)

Leader's School

Fourth Thursday
7:00 pm
St. Benedict's


Date TBA
Church of the Resurrection

First Friday
All Night Adoration
Sts. Peter and Paul (Tulsa)
from 10:00 PM Friday <

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8:30 AM Mass Saturday




Head of Christ by Richard Hook

An Encounter with Christ

The Cursillo Movement is dedicated to spreading the Word of God and helping people form a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.  The Cursillo employs a method that emphasizes the importance of a balanced life of holiness, continued spiritual formation, and evangelization.  The Cursillo method enables you to:


expand your prayer life


spiritually grow through an  ongoing formation process that increases your knowledge about God's Word and your Catholic faith.


spread God's Word in a natural way to the people you interact with in the very environments in which you  live.

Who is Cursillo for & can I attend a weekend?

Click Here for Candidate Applications
Solicitud Para El Cursillo

Welcome to the web site for the Tulsa Catholic Cursillo Movement

Latest Updates

Secretariat By-Laws

Photos from Women's #39 Weekend

Photos from Fundraiser Dinner for Hobbs Family

Report on National Encounter from Steve Krause

MP3 Recordings from Fourth Day Retreat with Victor Lugo

DeColores Lyrics


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Next team meeting for the English Women’s weekend

 will be on Saturday, March 28th, 2015
Church of St. Benedict, St. Scholastica Center 9:30 am.

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Photos from
Cursillo 4th Day Renewal
Shrine of St. Therese of Lisieux in Collinsville
October 25, 2009

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Region 8 Cursillo 2009 Encounter

Lumen Christi Retreat Center, Houma, Louisiana

Nov. 6-7, 2009

Click here for application

Click here for list of hotels

Secretariat By-laws

The Diocesan Pastoral Plan the Secretariat approved in June 2002 is now on the web.

The Tulsa Cursillo Secretariat is in place to function as servants to our local movement and promote Cursillo in our diocese. During the last Tulsa Cursillo Secretariat meeting by-laws for our local movement were voted on and approved as prescribed for by the National Cursillo Secretariat. Click here to read the by-laws.

The by-laws compliment the Cursillo Diocesan Pastoral Plan but also formalize rules for the Secretariat and its members. One section states that members of the Secretariat are nominated from the School of Leaders and are voted on by a simple majority of the Secretariat. The by-laws provide for a 3 year term limit for all positions on the Secretariat with various positions vacating at different times so that there will be continuity with some veteran members serving simultaneously with newly elected members. Additionally, after serving a three year term a member must wait one year before being eligible to serve another term on the Secretariat.

At this time only a few Cursillistas attend the School of Leaders and most are now serving on the Secretariat. Your prayer and personal consideration to attend the School of Leaders is vital to keeping Cursillo moving forward in our diocese. Without new leaders the Secretariat cannot exist, our local movement could become inactive and we may have to rely on another diocese for future Cursillos. The Cursillo Community has the responsibility to keep Cursillo alive and well in the diocese of Tulsa for future generations and I humbly beg you for your prayers that we may persevere in faith to carry out this mission.

God bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand.

De Colores,

Vince Greuel
Cursillo Lay Director
Diocese of Tulsa

Welcome to our new Cursillistas of Cursillo #39

Women's Cursillo #39 Photos and Rosters

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Cursillo #42, Wichita Kansas

The Diocese of Tulsa had several candidates attend and workers attend this Cursillo #42 in 2008. Candidates from our Diocese were Maria Banuelos, Teresa Hernandez and Sulie Villegas. Worked included Adriane Banuelos, Marcela Frescott and Margarita Arrazola.

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This photo of Cef and Gloria Aguillon was taken May 6th, 2008 at a visit by Cef and his wife, Gloria, with the Tulsa Cursillo Secretariat and the School of Leaders. Cef is the National English Coordinator for the Cursillo Movement and is on a mission to visit all the diocesan Cursillo groups in our region 8 and also region 5 this year. There are 12 regions within the United States with 265 Cursillo groups at diocesan levels including multiple language groups. The main purpose of his visit was to help guide the Cursillo movement at the local level to become as authentic and vibrant as possible. Cef and Gloria are very committed Cursillistas and we thank the Lord for the blessings they bring to Cursillo on the local and national levels.

De Colores,
Vince Greuel
Cursillo Lay Director Diocese of Tulsa

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Pastoral Plan

The Diocesan Pastoral Plan the Secretariat approved in June 2002 is now on the web. Please feel free to look it over and see where you might fit in to help achieve our vision for the Cursillo Movement in our Diocese.

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Candidate Application

Solicitud Para El Cursillo (Spanish Candidate Application)


Welcome to our new Cursillistas of Cursillo #38

Men's Cursillo #38 Photos and Rosters


Women's Cursillo #38 Photos and Rosters



New Spiritual Advisor and Lay Director

Cursillo Community,

We have a new Spiritual Advisor for Cursillo. Fr. Richard Cristler will take over as the Spiritual Advisor for Cursillo in our Diocese. He replaces Monsignor Gaalaas who has served as Spiritual Advisor for past 12 years. Mgsr. Gaalaas will still be involved in Cursillo and continue to share Doctrinal formation at our first Thursday of month School of Leaders at St. Benedicts as he is available.

Please join the Secretariat in thanking Mgsr. Gaalaas for his rich spiritual direction and service to Cursillo and welcome Fr. Richard the next time you see them. DeColores!

The Secretariat recently met and voted Vince Greuel as the new Lay Director of Cursillo in the diocese of Tulsa. Vince lived Cursillo #30 in the diocese of Tulsa. He was team coordinator for Cursillo 37 and serves our community on the School of Leaders. He has a very strong commitment to Cursillo and growing our Movement. Please pray for Vince and his family. We pray and give thanks for the 2.5 years of service Ed Hobbs provided as lay director to our Movement.


Steve Krause


Ed Hobbs, 1958-2007

Ed Hobbs, Lay Director of the Tulsa Cursillo Movement, past Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus, Boy Scout Leader and friend to everyone, passed away on July 5, 2007.  Ed will be missed.

Memories and photos of Ed have been added to a Tribute to Ed page. If you have any such memories or photos send them to John Kennington and I will incorporate them in the page.

Welcome to our new Cursillistas of Cursillo #37

Women's Cursillo #37  Photos and Rosters


Fourth Day Retreat with Victor Lugo

Click here for more photos

Click here to download a recording of Victor Lugo's talk
and the other presentations!


Click for More Photos from January Spanish Ultreya


Cursillistas at 2003 Diocesan Corpus Christi Procession



Looking for Cursillo Gifts?
Proceeds benefit the National Cursillo Center



Husband & Wife Group Reunion Format

Charlie Black has provided us an electronic format of the Husband and Wife group reunion that some of our Cursillistas picked up from the regional meeting in Norman. One is a Microsoft Word document and one is an Adobe Acrobat pdf file. Charlie & Allyson have been using this format for about a month and really enjoy it. They hope that all of our couples can give it a try. 

Husband & Wife Group Reunion.doc

Husband& Wife Group Reunion.pdf


Deacon Jim Breazile's Spirituality 101 Now Available
Deacon Jim has graciously agreed to share his Spirituality 101 series with us on our Tulsa Cursillo web site. This is a series of meditations, shared thoughts and personal reflections Deacon Jim offers us to aid in developing a personal, mature spirituality. All of the "back issues" he has produced over the past few years are now available, and as he produces new ones (every few weeks) they will also be added. 

Quick Links
Candidate Application

Solicitud Para El Cursillo (Spanish Candidate Application)

Cursillo Team Volunteer Form



Photos from St. Benedict's Ultreya at new parish hall


Click for More Photos from Grand Ultreya



Apostolic Letter of John Paul II on the Rosary

The Apostolic Letter of John Paul II on the Rosary, Rosarium Virginis Mariae. is a wonderful reflection on the Rosary, discussing the Year of the Rosary (Oct 2002-Oct 2003) as well as the the new addition to the Rosary, the Mysteries of Light - the mysteries of Christ's public ministry between his Baptism and his Passion.

Also available as a Word document (142KB) to download and print.


The Remarks of Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II during the World Ultreya.

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We begin any Cursillo activity (which would include studying the information about the Cursillo Movement on our web site) with the these prayers:

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of us Your faithful, and kindle in us the fire of Your love.  Send forth Your Spirit and we shall be created and You shall renew the face of the earth. O God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit instructs the hearts of the faithful, grant by the same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever rejoice in His consolations.  Through  Christ our Lord.  Amen!

In today's world can Christianity penetrate the many areas of secular life?  Can it live there?  Can it grow there?  Can it transform the world in a way that is more fruitful than the past and in keeping with the times?  The Cursillo Movement thinks so.  It proposes no new type of spirituality, but simply a method through which one's spirituality may be developed, lived and shared in any area of human life where there are Christians willing to dedicate their lives to God in an on-going manner. 

The movement of Cursillos in Christianity is a powerful instrument of renewal in the Church.  Its aim is to concentrate closely on the Person and teachings of Jesus Christ.  The Cursillo gives those who attend it a living understanding of basic Christian truths and the desire to serve the Church.  What's more it provides a means to continue the Christian formation that is just begun in the three-day exercises. 

Please visit the What Is Cursillo area of our web site for a detailed explanation of the Cursillo Movement.

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